What is Auticulture?

Auticulture is an oxymoron. WhY?

Auticulture is internally generated culture. It is individual to the individual.

It is your own inner landscape.

Auticulture is the human dimension of Nature. It is your own truenature.

Auticulture is antithetical to culture – which is akin to an externally generated (collective) “self,” or group mind.

Auticulture is an affirmation, and a denial.

5 thoughts on “What is Auticulture?

  1. autism (n.) 1912, from Ger. Autismus, coined 1912 by Swiss psychiatrist Paul Bleuler (1857-1939) from comb. form of Gk. autos- “self” (see auto-) + -ismos suffix of action or of state. The notion is of “morbid self-absorption.”

    Hmm, I see now. I at first thought ‘autism’ simply implied retardation.

    This blog looks promising. I have been thinking a lot lately, about how our own inner worlds are the real worlds we live in. That’s where all the meaning, mystery, suffering and joy is born.

  2. “morbid self-absorption” better describes non-autistic or neurotypical behavior, IMO, so naturally the Norms project onto the Tards their own unrecognized distortions/motivations. Autists do not “take” cultural imprints – they reject socialization and retain an inner point of reference, at the price of social “mobility” or even verbalization.

    It is logical, if you think about it, the external world (culture, not Nature) is the product of our internal world (perceptions); NT society has reversed this through creation of culture/group think, so that our inner world is almost entirely shaped, determined and in-formed by the outer.

    Can the matrix tell us who we are? So why do we try and tell the other (eg, autists) who or what they are?

    • ““morbid self-absorption” better describes non-autistic or neurotypical behavior”
      Glad you pointed that out. Many autistic people I’ve met are very warm, happy and friendly. A prority target for the projection of a normal person’s morbidness, I think.

      I tend to be highly introspective. I can be very sociable if I want, as I have a lot to say, but it can be a drain. It may be considered mild autism.

      I just learned that autists likely have an impaired ‘mirror neuron system’. This implies that an autist would get less stimulation from vicarious living (watching movies, identifying with groups) than a NT (normal) person. So, they tend to be more inwardly/self-oriented and therefore less susceptible to propaganda, and, herd poisoning, which Huxley describes as “an active, extraverted drug … The crowd-intoxicated individual escapes from responsibility, intelligence, and morality into a kind of frantic, animal mindlessness”. The lowest common denominator tends to dominate group-thinking in my experience.

      Culture tells us that if you don’t quietly submit to the collective machine of society, then you are a morbid and impaired individual. “Quick! Get this kid some pills!”

      Only YOU know who/what you are. It is all around you. Everything is in some sublime way, a reflection of yourself. Your appreciation/knowledge of others is limited by your appreciation/knowledge of yourself.

      BTW … being called ‘normal’ has got to be the most offensive thing to call an artist!

  3. Hi Jasun,

    Your new blog is very “cute.” 🙂 I have to wonder if this change in your online image/presentation is a reflection of what’s going on in your life right now. Please keep us updated on your adventures with Oshana. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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